Air Traffic Control Simulator - ATCS

ATCS, Aerodrome Tower Control Simulator, is a simulation program intended for teaching aeronautics basics by employing the use of 3d virtual reality. offers several kinds of simulation systems, mainly intended to teach about aeronautics basics through the use of virtual reality and 3d environment.

Among its products, it is possible to find ATCS, which stands for Air Traffic Control Simulator.

This software utility gives the possibility to see, through two different points of view (controller and pilot) what is happening on the airport; offering a lot of visual cues to the user (instead of the majority of simulators), the program consents to learn aeronautics basics in a really efficient way.

The " Aerodrome Tower Control Simulator " is composed by several parts:

  • a ATCS server, managed by the teacher
  • a ATCS client
  • the Tower Controller's point of view
  • the Surface Movement Indication Radar
  • a utility to create exercises

Radar Simulator


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