Exercise man..

EMA (Exercise Manager for Atcs) provides a huge storage of exercises: The order is maintained because :

  1. Every teacher / assistant create his own set of exercises, and
  2. Every exercise can be named, and
  3. for each exercise teacher can quickly see pilots positions.

Creating a exercise means set-up, for each client, data like Callsign, Select a plane, Select an initial position (i.e. parking stand A2, or another inflight position with a specified bearing, altitude and speed) and writing notes to the student. In this way a collection of exercises for every client is made and can be printed like a small book (paper A5).

When a new simulation session takes place, the classroom will be warned by teacher that exercise nr 25A is being loaded and each student (one student = one PC) can open its own book and see what is his goal. This is tested like the most efficient way to start a new session.

The simulator, however is ready in less than one minute since all PC are logged into Windows(tm).


And finally look it ... on duty ...

(Please .... remember to click on Play button few seconds after buffering stared....)