Overview ATCS

       ATCS (Aerodrome Tower Control Simulator) was created thinking to aeronautics basic schools needs. In fact “both sides of simulation” (Controllers and Pilots) can see what is really happening on the airport and its vicinity from their own point of view during the whole simulation. It can be thought like 3D virtual reality.
       Other simulators in fact manage pilot position “showing” plane position like a description: this way, of course, students can not learn nor understand what means having a traffic in sigh and follow it, staying away enough to allow the first to land without having to go around. or what “behind cessan 172 on final lime-up and wait behind”...
       With ATCS these situations can be simulated because ALL pilots see what is happening ..... !!!

ATCS is composed by five software elements:

  1. ATCS Server : It’s managed by teacher. It provides a very fast information exchange between all machines (PCs) running the simulation.
    It also manages the weather and ATIS utility.  (see Server Preview for further details)
  2. ATCS Client : Planes are not constrained to follow a set of tracks: instead they can be flown like a plane but in the easiest way possible (see Client Preview for further details).
  3. ATC 1 : This is the Tower Controller’s point of view viewer (see ATC 1 for further details)
  4. ATC 2 : This represents a Surface Movement Indicator Radar (see ATC 2 for further details)
  5. Exercice Manager : This utility helps teacher to create exercises (see Exercise Man for further details)

Feel free to ask for further details at info@brambo.it . We will not send e-mail details but only to real address